Everywhere I go your name comes up like vomit.
I cannot keep down, I don’t want to spit out, I hate vomit.
I try so hard to keep it from coming out, but it does. It comes up anyway.

Our story , our nights spinning out of control, the way we floated away each time.
My stomach turns and twists.
I feel knots within my skin so deep, crawl up my throat and there it is again.

People are tired of watching me put myself through this, I’m sure.
People sometimes don’t understand, how much we danced when we floated high.
Every night a party life.

Until morning dawn then we would land.
I land alone.
Alone I land, but your name comes up going everywhere.

When I finally wake I can’t help but think, regret getting drunk off your name.
I’m a fool, she’s a fool, I hear them say.
But I don’t care I keep spitting your name.



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