Collage of Poems

These are pieces previously written by me and shared on my personal Facebook/Instagram. 


The condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.

Suffocating in a room full of nothing.
On the search for somebody loving.
Suffocating in a throat full of words
stabbing my chest like the sharpest of swords.
Still hanging on no matter the pain
even when the days only bring rain.
Searching for that one sunny day 
just for a second the pain goes away.
I feel air in my chest!
Here I am at my best.
Then it's gone, he leaves
Gasping for air I hang on to memories.
The reason that life spun around me
He-The only reason why I wanted to be.
Once a need I no longer need
And I can't describe how good it feels 
To be free.


3:15 in the Morning

I can't sleep 
Maybe it's the thought of you on my mind.
Or the coffee I had to unwind.
Maybe it's the look in your eyes, or your voice in my head.
Maybe it's the thought of you not being in my bed.
Maybe it's because I go back and reread 
all the signs that were there.
How I always loved you, but 
I was just to scared.


You Make Me

If this were a dream and not real life 
Wake up I would never, never want to wake up.
Because this makes me happy, this makes me sad.
All at once.
It makes me excited, depressed, and mad.
Without you real life would not be real.
In this dream alive is how you make me feel.


For once she liked not feeling.
The empty space within her was suddenly relieving.
She never thought she’d reach this point,
but it turns out now she had.
Instead of being said, inside she was now completely numb.
And numb felt good.
It felt so good.
For numbness meant she could not feel.
And finally she now could heal.







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