Blooming Flowers

photo credit: Steve Bustrann follow him on instagram @Film_This3


A woman

Beautiful, strong, independent.
Your body contains a temple full of blooming flowers.
A soul as deep as the ocean, as strong as the current.
Your mind is a force of nature holding winds of destruction,
storms of the past.
Ideas for the future, and is calming all at once.
The heart within you throbs with love, sympathy, and empathy.
You cannot be broken.

She is a woman
whose petals have been picked, ripped apart, left to be stepped on.
Her soul you looked into, stole her light and whatever else you could get your hands on.
And her mind toyed with, challenged.
Her heart full of love and care, used. Now left in pain filled with regret.
But she accepted the challenge, even while you cheating , she slowly winning.

You are a woman
Whose petals will bloom again, beautiful, richer in color than even before.
For the fire once caused within can be destructive but you now left with little light.

I am a woman
and a ray of light is all I need
to once again



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