Whiskey Queen

Let's all go out, raise our glasses in the air, she says
Some coke and whiskey, some shots we take.
She's the life of the party. She's the soul of the group.
More shots, more whiskey. 
Monday. noon. 
Shots and whiskey.
Wednesday. Three in the afternoon.
Shots and whiskey.
Every weekend, any chance we get!
Shots and whiskey.

She enables us, but she means well.
The dark drink allows her to forget just for a second.
The shots just for the night.
our broken hearts mend again each time.

Forget about love.
She's done trying to love.
She understands each one of our pasts.
The stars come out,
and so we follow each night
show up at the bar. 

We all have our struggles, we all lost a fight.
Our bodies become numb with fake smiles, flying kites.
The sun will be home soon...
With it the sober ones too.


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