Life Choices

Background Story

Have you ever felt stuck in a relationship? You know one of those relationships you know you should end, but for one reason or another you decide to stay? This poem came to me after I listened to Of Monsters and Men over and over again for weeks straight. Their creative lyrics inspired me to write something descriptive, something lively.

Enjoy –

cropped-cover.jpgLife Choices

Did I choose the wrong path when I wanted to leave? Did I?

Was it all in my head, Was it all make believe?

Was I living a dream, am I stuck in between?

You found me in the dark but never took me to the light.

You left me in the grey , You left me there to stay.

The path was a fiction dressed up in bright red roses and vines and creatures of all kinds.

As I walked deeper it all became clear.

What was once so beautiful became a dark smear, mud , and serpents and poisoned thorns! Stuck I tried to desperately get out but the mud was so strong I could see no way out, and the thorns cut so deep that wounds oozed about.

And this beauty of color, deep red oozed on out, and the color amazed me like it once had before when I took this old path disguised in untold.

I remained stuck until the day… a thorn cut so deep I could no longer stay.

All the colors were gone I could see them no more.

The deceiving path stood now so clear to me.

I fought my way out and my scars came to be.



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