I want a passionate red flowing through my veins to know that everything will be okay.

To know he sees reds whites and pinks when he looks at me.

Dark Blacks, greys and blues fade into the background when he looks at me.

I want to be the first bright yellow and orange he opens his eyes to

I want to be the red that flows through his veins,

the green he breathes in to get high on, to live life on.

That baby blue that comforts him when he feels alone, I could hold him forever in these hands of gold.

The strong brown liquor that he uses to escape…

the color that brings him back to reality that reminds him of a happy place.

Only trying to figure out the color has consumed all of me.

I can feel my gold slowly fading as silvers and blues consume every inch.

And yet he hides it deep in the valley of his chest so wide only narrowed so deep on the inside. The colors continue to radiate from within me in order to illuminate the path I wish so bad to find.

And yet the only thing I crave so intensely is that he’s searching for my color with every inch of his mind.



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